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Cycads of Central Africa

Peter Heibloem
1999; 1st Edition
Soft cover; 210mm x 150mm;
130p, all colour

0-9587931-7-4 (Soft Bound)
0-9587931-8-2 (Hard Bound)

Cost: (Soft Bound)
$35 (Aust) posted in Australia
$32 (US) posted anywhere else in the world.

The Cycads of Central Africa are not well known compared to the Encephalartos species found in Southern Africa. Many are located in remote and inaccessible places. Travel through some of these central African countries, where the cycads occur, can be very difficult and as a result there are not many published photographs of these cycads. This is most probably because botanists or cycad enthusiasts rarely visit these countries.

Over the last 4 years I have been on 8 expeditions to Central Africa. I have visited Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Sudan. On these trips I have visited many of the most obscure Encephalartos species and have photographed them. This booklet serves as a layman's guide and a photographic record of those Encephalartos species visited. No attempt has been made to provide a technical botanical description of the plants. This has been done already in several books.

Central African cycads can be very difficult to identify in cultivation and this book, showing photographs of the plants is intended as far as possible to serve as a reference for identification purposes for the enthusiast. Some notes on how the cyacds have performed for me in cultivation in south east Queensland have been included. Additional cycad species which were not visited by me have been included with available photographs to make this book as complete as possible.

Book Excerpt: Visiting the Cycads of Uganda
Contributed by: Peter Heibloem

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