Trachycarpus geminisectus

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Figure 1. T. geminisectus in habitat.


Common Names:

Eight Peaks Fan Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

It is found in mountainous regions of North Vietnam and South China close to the border of Laos and Vietnam.


A solitary, small palm with a short trunk covered in very coarse, short, persistent leaf sheath fibers. It has a small number of large, flat, thick, leathery palmate leaves which are a deep, glossy dark green above and a waxy white below. They have about 40 segments in groups of 2 or occasionally 3 which gives them an interesting appearance.


It was only described in 2003.


Sunny, well drained position. Cold tolerant. Slow growing when young.

Figure 2. T. geminisectus

Contributed by:

Martin Gibbons and Tobias W. Spanner,
(Figure 1 & 2)

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