Syagrus botryophora

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Figure 1. S. botryophora


Conservation Status:

[[www.iucnredlist.orgsearchdetails.php38698all" Lower Risk Near Threatened


Arecastrum romanzoffianum var botryophora

Common Names:

Pati Queen Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

Coastal woodland of Brazil.


Very similar in appearance to [[ S. romanzoffiana, altho slightly more robust, to about 18m tall. S. botryophora has recurved leaves, in which the leaflets are rigid, ascending, forming a V shape. They are regularly arranged and spread in one plane.


A very fast grower. In Florida this palm grows at twice the rate of S. romanzoffiana.


As for [[ S. romanzoffiana, (i.e. pretty much anywhere :).

Figure 2. S. botryophora
Figure 3. S. botryophora in habitat, Atlantic rain forest, Bahia state, Brazil.
Figure 4. S. botryophora crown detail.
Atalea species and Cocos nucifera, Bahia state, Brazil.

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