Ravenea glauca

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Figure 1. R. glauca in SE Queensland, at Utopia Palms&Cycads


Common Names:

Mini-Majestic Palm


Dry forests and gullies of central south Madagascar.


Slender, medium sized, single trunked palm to about 8m. Very reminiscient of R. rivularis, hence the common name.


Becoming very popular with the nursery trade, since it is a relatively fast growing palm, but doesn't get to the large size of its bigger brother, R. rivularis. Endangered in its native habitat.


A full sun/light shade, very well drained position. Does extremely well in a sheltered position with fertiliser, warmth, high humidity and moist free draining soil where it grows rapidly. Preventative seasonal spraying is advised especially as a juvenile as it's highly prone to weevils and borers, much like the larger member of the Ravenea tribe, Ravenea rivularis.

Figure 2. R. glauca in habitat, Madagascar.
Figure 3. R. glauca in slightly heavier forest.

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