Orania trispatha

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Figure 1. O. trispatha in habitat, Madagascar.



Halmoorea trispatha

Distribution & Habitat:

Lowland rainforests/swamps of eastern Madagascar.


A very large, and spectacular palm, to about 20m, whose most notable feature is its disticious leaf arrangement (i.e., the leaves are in two vertical rows on each side of the trunk; see also Wallichia disticha).


Critically endangered in its native habitat, but since its such a spectacular palm, it has become well established in palm collections.


Prefers a sheltered position when young, but can take full sun as it gets bigger. Likes lots of water.

Figure 2. Good illustration of the disticious leaf arrangement.

Orania trispatha01.jpg
Figure 3. O. trispatha
Figure 4. Beautifully atmospheric photograph.

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