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Key to Species of Linospadix in New Guinea and Australia

1. Habit solitary; moderate palms 2-6 m tall; staminate flowers angled/pyramidal; fruit globose or subglobose (south-east Queensland, north-east New South Wales) 1. Habit clustering; small palms 1-5 m tall (if solitary the result of damage to basal growths or basal growths still to develop); staminate flowers rounded, either elongate or globose; fruit globose/turbinate or elongate/cylindrical. (north-east Queensland) evenly pinnate with up to 26 pinnae; stems usually ca. 1 m or less tall. surfaces of leaf. (north-east Queensland) only at maturity (Papua New Guinea, north-east Irian Jaya) adaxial surface; fruit red only at maturity (Irian Jaya) to 24 pinnae; stems usually 3 m or less tall (north-east Queensland) or infrequently partially segmented or pinnate (north-east Queensland)

Contributed by:

John L. Dowe, Department of Tropical
Plant Sciences, James Cook University; Townsville, Qld 4811.
Reproduced from Palms & Cycads No. 58, Jan-Mar 1998.

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