Licuala ramsayi

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Figure 1. L. ramsayi


Common Names:

Australian Fan Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

River banks, and swamps of north-east Queensland rainforest.


A very beautiful palm, with a single trunk up to 15 metres, and large (to 2 metres across) almost circular leaves. Silhouettes of the leaves against the sky are a very popular image from the rainforests of north Queensland.


This is one of the most cold tolerant of the Licualas, (apart from L. spinosa), but is still a tropical/sub-tropical plant, and definately not frost hardy. As a youngster it prefers quite heavy shade, but its an emergent plant so adults are sun-hardy. Unfortunately, it is a very slow grower, but its still a highly desirable plant for a warm shady nook.

Figure 2. L. ramsayi in habitat, Daintree Rainforest, North Queensland.
Figure 3. L. ramsayi
Figure 4. L. ramsayi
Figure 5. L. ramsayi inflorescence

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Jeff Nugent - Permaculture Plants (Figures 2,3&4).
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