Lavoixia macrocarpa

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Figure 1. Plant in fruit.



Mt. Panie, New Caledonia, at about 450m elevation.


Sub-tropical rainforest.


Medium sized feather palm.


Very little is known about this palm due to its extreme rarity. Only a handfull of specimens are known to exist.


There are grave concerns about the future of this palm, because altho there are several mature specimens which regularly produce seed, and a couple of wild seedlings, no seeds have ever been germinated. Obviously all the standard tricks have been tried, but none have yet proved successfull. Someone did once manage to get a seed to shoot, but unfortunately, it quickly rotted off.

Contributed by:

Philippe Cherrier Association Chambeyronia P.O. Box 11162,
Noumea, New Caledonia
No. 39, April-June 1993.

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