Euterpe precatoria

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Figure 2. E. precatoriavar longivaginata


Common Names:

Mountain Cabbage Palm


It is widely distributed throughout Central and South America as well as Trinidad and Tobago.


This is a solitary (usually, altho occasionally clustered), tall, slender-trunked, pinnate-leaved palm, up to 20 metres (65 feet) tall and with trunks up to 23 centimetres (9 inches) in diameter.

There are two recognised varieties: E. precatoria var. precatoria which has tall, solitary stems and is found in Trinidad and throughout most of the South American section of its range. E. precatoria var. longivaginata which has shorter, solitary or clustered stems, and is found in Colombia and Central America.


Warm, sheltered and moist.

Figure 1. E. precatoria with inflorescence.

Cordillera de la Costa, northern Venezuela.

Figure 3. E. precatoria in mountain forest in Henri Pittier National Park,

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Cordoba, Argentina (Images copyright Argentina Palms) (Figure 1&2)
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