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Figure 1. D. sp. 'Stumpy' at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, Brisbane.



Dypsis prestoniana (possibly)


Madagascan rainforest.


Looks to be a very large growing plant (the plants in the photos are among the largest in cultivation), with tristichous leaf arrangement, and a very attractive white and orange/red tormentum on the leaf bases. Leaves are 4 to 5m long, with attractive, dark green, leathery leaflets. The plants in the photos are about 30cm (1 foot) across at the base of the leaves, and the haven't even started to trunk yet.


The seeds were distributed in the late 1980's as D. sp. Stumpy and haven't been seen since. Many people think that the plant is actually D. prestoniana, but since there aren't any of them around, its rather difficult to be sure.


They seem to like light shade, and lots of water. Very slow growing (the plants in the pictures are about 12 years old).

Figure 2. D. sp. 'Stumpy' leaf bases.
Figure 3. D. sp. 'Stumpy' - further up the leaf bases.
Figure 4. D. sp. 'Stumpy' leaves.

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