Dypsis sp. 'Bef'

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Figure 1. D. sp. Bef showing the lovely petioles


Common Names:



Madagascan rainforest


A very attractive, medium sized palm, usually suckering (altho occasionally solitary), with a very white, powdery crownshaft and thin, closely spaced, neatly arranged leaflets. The trunks are about 10-15cm (4"-6") in diameter.


Possibly related to Dypsis_onilahensis.


This palm requires medium shade as a seedling, however, its probably an emergent palm, and thus will be able to take full sun as an adult. Otherwise, the standard moist, but well drained situation, possibly with a high amount of organic matter in the soil. It doesn't like to dry out at all.

Figure 2. D. sp. Bef

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