Dypsis onilahensis

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Figure 1. D. onilahensis



Chrysalidocarpus onilahensis,
Chrysalidocarpus midongensis,
Chrysalidocarpus brevinodis,
Dypsis brevinodis

Distribution & Habitat:

Widely distributed over the north, central, and south-west areas of Madagascar, in riverine forest.


A very attractive, clustering (or rarely solitary) palm, up to 20m high, arching to nearly pendulous leaves, similar in appearance to Dypsis_baronii. Whitish crownshaft.


Lightly shaded to full sun, moist but well drained soil. Seedlings are slow.

Figure 2. Beautifull drooping leaves, and leaflets.
Figure 3. D. onilahensis
Figure 4. D. onilahensis in habitat, Madagascar.
Figure 5. Inflorescence, and crownshaft.


The Palms of Madagascar by Dr. John Dransfield, and Dr. Henk J. Beentje.

Contributed by:

Dr. Hugh Kunze (Figures 1,2,3&4).

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