Dypsis lastelliana

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Figure 1. Illustrating the beautiful crown-shaft.



Neodypsis lastelliana

Common Names:


Distribution & Habitat:

Madagascan rainforest


Large feather palm to about 20m, with a very distinctive reddish tormentum on the crown-shaft (see Figure 1).


Often confused with another palm also known as the Redneck, Dypsis_leptocheilos. This palm gets a more vivid crown-shaft colouring, however it is a much, much slower grower, so for most people (i.e. non palm collectors) D. leptocheilos is the preferred plant.


An easily grown palm which likes full sun/light shade, and a moist, well drained position. Quite slow.

Figure 2. D. lastelliana in habitat, Madagascar.
Figure 3. D. lastelliana crownshaft.
Figure 4. Remnant D. lastelliana.
Figure 5. Inflorescences.
Figure 6. Infructescence.

Contributed by:

David Tanswell (Figure 1 - from Palms & Cycads No. 51, Apr-Jun 1996).
Rolf Kyburz (Figure 2)

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