Dypsis carlsmithii

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Figure 1. The closely ringed trunk of D. carlsmithii.


Common Names:

Dypsis sp. "Stumpy" (II)

Distribution & Habitat:

This plant was originally known from a single speciman in a collection in Hawai, and has never been found in habitat (Madagascar).


A medium/large robust solitary feather palm, to about 12m, with a smooth, closely ringed trunk, a distinctive orange crownshaft and elegantly arching, plumose leaves. Similar in appearance to Neoveitchia storkii.

It is better known by its common name of Dypsis "Stumpy", however it not to be confused with the original [[www.pacsoa.org.aupalmsDypsisstumpy Dypsis "Stumpy" (now usually refered to as Stumpy I, whilst this species is Stumpy II). They are completely seperate plants, but have unfortunately ended up with the same common name.


Sunny, moist, and well drained. Like many of the larger Dypsis, it is rather slow growing.

Figure 2. D. carlsmithii with proud grower Jeff Searle.
Figure 2. D. carlsmithii inflorescence.
Figure 4. D. carlsmithii inflorescence close-up.

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Ryan Galivan (Figure 1,2,3&4)

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