Dypsis cabadae

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Figure 1.



Chrysolidocarpus cabadae

Common Names:

Cabadae Palm


Open forest in the Comores Islands, near Madagascar.


A medium sized (to about 8m) clumping feather palm, often with a bluish/grey crownshaft. Very similar to the Golden Cane Palm, Dypsis lutescens, except without the gold colour.


Untill recently, this palm was unknown in the wild, only cultivated specimens had been found. It has now been rediscovered in the Comores, and seed from wild plants has been widely distributed.


Quite commonly grown. Conditions as for the Golden Cane, full sun/light shade, moist, well drained soil. Unfortunately, its main drawback is thats its much slower growing than the Golden Cane Palm.

Figure 2. D. cabadae

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