Dypsis albofarinosa

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Figure 1. D. albofarinosa showing the beatutifull white stems.


Common Names:

White Petiole Palm,
White Powder Palm,
Dypsis sp. "White Stem"

Distribution & Habitat:



A very attractive, medium sized, thin stemmed clustering palm with nearly pure white crownshafts and upper stems, and dark green/blue lower stems. It has nicely arched leaves, and long, thin, drooping leaflets.


Only recently discovered/described (2004).


Warm, sheltered, moist but well drained position. Slow growing and cold sensitive. Becoming very popular with palm enthusiasts.

Figure 2. D. albofarinosa
Figure 3. D. albofarinosa showing the lovely drooping leaves.

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Al in Kona (Figure 1,2&3)

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