Dypsis 'Mealy Bug'

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Dypsis 'Mealy Bug'

Figure 1. Jean Gamble highlighting the petiole length.

Common Names:

The Highland Lastelliana


Madagascan rainforest (highlands ?).


A very striking palm, with its beautifully white mottled petiole, (see Figure 2) and the length of the petiole, (see Figure 1) (about 3/5 the length of the entire leaf), and finally the lovely glossy, light green leaflets. Because this palm is so new to cultivation, there is no information available as to its eventual height.


Although referred to as the "Highland Lastelliana", there isn't any actual link between the two palms (as far as is known). D. manajarensis is also commonly called the mealy bug palm, however it has no relation to this plant either, (unless the shape of the leaf changes quite drastically as the palm matures).

Figure 2. The mottled petiole


This palm requires medium shade as a seedling, however, its growth habit suggests a reasonably tall plant, so its probably an emergant palm, and thus will be able to take full sun as an adult. Otherwise, the standard moist, but well drained situation, possibly with a high amount of organic matter in the soil. Its common name might suggest cold tolerance, however that's merely speculation at this time. One similarity which it shares with D. lastelliana however, is thats its a slow grower.

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