Coccothrinax barbadensis

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Figure 2. C. barbadensis in habitat, St. John, US Virgin Islands.



C. alta

Common Names:

Tyre Palm,
Silver Thatch Palm,
Puerto Rican Thatch Palm

Conservation Status:

Not threatened.

Distribution & Habitat:

Grows in calcareous soils on low hills and slopes in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


A medium sized solitary fan palm with a thin trunk to 8m tall, and an open crown. The leaves have slightly drooping tips, and a silvery underside.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. An easy and relatively fast growing (for a Coccothrinax) plant, which despite coming from calcerous soils, doesn't seem too particular about soil type.

Figure 1. C. barbadensis

Contributed by:

Tom Turner (Figure 1) (from Palms & Cycads No. 47, Apr-June 1995)
Brandt Maxwell,
Brandt's Palm and Tree Page (Figure 2)

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