Chambeyronia macrocarpa

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Figure 1. C. macrocarpa in Sydney


Common Names:

Blushing Palm,
Red Leaf Palm,
Red Feather Palm,
Flame Thrower Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

New Caledonian rainforest.


Large feather palm to about 20m, with a spectacular, bright red new leaf, which stays red for up to 10 days. The leaflets are also very wide, thick, and shiny so even without a new leaf it is very distinctive

There are several well known varieties/cultivars of this palm. 1) var hookeri: This variety has a distinctly reddish tinge to the leaves as well as a very yellow crownshaft. Prefers more shade than the normal C. macrocarpa i.e. it won't take full sun. 2) Watermelon form: This form has an attractive yellow streaking on the crownshaft (see below).

Figure 2. Close-up of the new leaf
Figure 3. Close-up of the new leaf
Figure 5. C. macrocarpa inflorescence close-up.


The most popular of the New Caledonian palms in cultivation.


Full sun/light shade, moist, well drained (tho isn't averse to wet feet). Easily the fastest of the New Caledonian palms.

Figure 4. 'Watermelon' form of C. macrocarpa
Figure 6. C. macrocarpa inflorescence.

Contributed by:

Ian Edwards (Figures 1&2)
Mike Gray (Figure 4)
Jason Skelly (Figure 5&6).

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