Chamaedorea adscendens

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Figure 1. C. adscendens


Distribution & Habitat:

Atlantic rainforest of Belize and Guatemala, often on limestone based soils, to 700m altitude.


A small solitary palm to 2.5m tall. When young it looks similar to Chamaedorea metallica, but the blades are more deeply incised apically. According to Hodel its durable leathery leaves are perhaps the thickest in this genus. The leaves are blue-grey-green with a velvety aspect, and are just one feature of this very nice palm.


Warm, sheltered and moist. Likes mulch.

Figure 2. C. adscendens juvenile
Figure 3. C. adscendens inflorescence.
Figure 4. C. adscendens infructescence.


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