Ceroxylon parvifrons

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Figure 1. C. parvifrons


Common Names:

Golden Wax Palm

Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Grows in cloudforest in the Andes to one of the highest elevations of any palm, 3200m.


A tall, solitary, pinnate palm with erect, slightly arching leaves, and stiff, upward pointing leaflets. The leaf undersides are often covered in a thick golden tomentum.


The young leaves are cut, and used to decorate churches on Palm Sunday which is making this palm increasingly rare in its habitat. The locals are being encouraged to plant more seedlings of this palm, ans also to use other Palm Sunday decorations in order to try and save it.


Cool, sheltered and moist. Frost tolerant. Dislikes heat.

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Kyle Wicomb (Figure 1).

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