Calamus muelleri

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Common Names:

Lawyer Vine


Rainforest of south-east Queensland, and north-eastern New South Wales.


Slender climbing palm, with very thorny stems, and long modified inflorescences covered in backwards pointing hooks. These are used as an aid to climbing, but are also very successfull in snagging clothes and flesh of anyone passing. It often requires a great deal of care to extracate oneself from these hooks without drawing blood, (hence the common names).


Prefers it shady and moist. One of the more cold tolerant of the Calamus.

Figure 1. C. muelleri at Mt Tambourine, SE Queensland.

Figure 2. A nice clump of C. muelleri at Mt Tambourine.
Figure 3. Close-up of the thorns.

Contributed by:

Eric Fehr (Figure 1&2)
Australian Botanic Gardens (Figure 3).

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