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Figure 1. T. schizophylla

===T. schizophylla in habitat, central Formosa province, Argentina.




Trithrinax schizophylla, called "carandilla" by local people, has palmate leaves up to 1.2m long, light green, and very deeply divided.

This palm has thin and solitaire or sometime clustering trunks, of 7-12 cm in diameter and 2-5 m of high covered by fibers. Has hard spines of 5-15 cm in the birth of the leaves, dark brown spherical fruits when mature and their seeds germinate easily.

The habitat is located in the central area of the Province of Formosa in the North of Argentina and this population represents the South limits of the species. This palm grows in a hot climate, with temperatures of 45"C, in dry places, full sun, near the water and it tolerates frost.

Trithrinax sp. are of special interest because it is considered one of the most primitive genera of palms (Moore 1972).

Figure 2. T. schizophylla
Figure 3. T. schizophylla
Figure 4. T. schizophylla

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