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Whilst just a dozen varieties of palms are commonly grown in SE Queensland, visitors will be able to discover 38 other varieties that are equally easy to cultivate. This will make a garden look quite different to those of neighbours and friends.

# Size Habit Type Common Name Latin name/Link
Small Palms
1 Small Solitary Feather Chamaedorea_adscendens
2 Small Solitary Feather Parlour palm Chamaedorea_elegans
3 Small Solitary Feather Metallic Palm Chamaedorea_metallica
4 Small Solitary Feather Pacaya Palm Chamaedorea_tepejilote
5 Small Cluster Feather Raosy Palm Dypsis_scottiana
6 Small Solitary Feather Wedding Palm Lytocaryum_weddellianum
7 Small Cluster Feather Pinanga disticha Pinanga_disticha
8 Small Cluster Fan Variegated Rhapis Rhapis excelsa ayanishiki
Medium Sized Palms
10 Medium Cluster Feather Triandra palm Areca_triandra
11 Medium Cluster Feather Red Betel Nut Palm Areca_vestiaria
12 Medium Cluster Feather Basselinia_gracilis
16 Medium Cluster Feather Blue Cane palm Dypsis_cabadae
24 Medium Cluster Feather Macarthur Palm Ptychosperma_macarthurii
15 Medium Solitary Fan Lesser Antilles Silver Thatch Palm Coccothrinax_barbadensis
21 Medium Solitary Fan Red Latan Palm Latania_lontaroides
22 Medium Solitary Fan Daintree Fan Palm Licuala_ramsayi
9 Medium Solitary Feather Xmas Palm Adonidia_merrillii
13 Medium Solitary Feather Yellow Flamethrower Chambeyronia_macrocarpa_var_hookerii
14 Medium Solitary Feather Flamethrower Chambeyronia_macrocarpa
17 Medium Solitary Feather Kentia Palm Howea_forsteriana
18 Medium Solitary Feather Bottle Palm Hyophorbe_lagenicaulis
19 Medium Solitary Feather Spindle Palm  Hyophorbe_verschaffeltii
20 Medium Solitary Feather Kentiopsis Kentiopsis_oliviformis
23 Medium Solitary Feather Solitaire palm Ptychosperma_elegans
25 Medium Solitary Feather Mini Majestic Palm Ravenea_glauca
Tall Palms
30 Tall Cluster Feather Pemba Palm Dypsis_pembana
27 Tall Solitary Fan Bismark Palm Bismarckia_nobilis
31 Tall Solitary Fan Cabbage-tree Palm Livistona_australis
32 Tall Solitary Fan Cabbage palm Livistona_decora
33 Tall Solitary Fan Red Cabbage Palm Livistona_mariae
34 Tall Solitary Fan Carnarvon Palm Livistona_nitida
35 Tall Solitary Fan Mataranka Palm Livistona_rigida
37 Tall Solitary Fan Hawaiian Fan Pritchardia_hillebrandii
26 Tall Solitary Feather Mt Lewis King Palm Archontophoenix_purpurea
28 Tall Solitary Feather Redneck Palm Dypsis_lastelliana
29 Tall Solitary Feather Teddy Bear Palm Dypsis_leptocheilos
36 Tall Solitary Feather Black Palm Normanbya_normanbyi
38 Tall Solitary Feather Satake Palm Satakentia_liukiuensis