Pacsoa Annual Show

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March 7 - 8 2015 at Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens Auditorium, Brisbane

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 9 – 3pm

Admission $3 / $2 Concession

Features :

  • An impressive display of native and exotic palms & cycads.
  • Books, posters and magazines for reference and purchase.
  • Experts available to ask about the suitability of palms and cycad species for your garden.
  • Extensive low-cost plant and seed sale for indoors/outdoors, full sun/shade, feature/screening, fan/solitary, rare/common. So a great place to indulge your gardening passion.
  • Cold drinks.
  • Membership.
  • Admission - $3/$2 concession

Show02.jpg Show03.jpg
Figure 1. Plant display. Figure 2. Plant sales.
C hookerii.jpg 400px
Figure 3. Chamberyonia macrocarpa Figure 4. Copernicia hospitata
E ferox.jpg E bubalinus.jpg
Figure 5. Encephalartos ferox Figure 6. Encephalartos bubalinus
Z neurophyllidia.jpg
Figure 7. Zamia_neurophyllidia]]

Examples of plants that will be for sale: