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The Palm and Cycad Society of Australia Inc

The Palm & Cycad Society of Australia Inc. (Pacsoa) is a group of affiliated, semi-autonomous, regional Palm and/or Cycad Societies headed by a Board presently based in Brisbane, Queensland. The Societies adopted the present structure in 1984 after having previously been an informal information exchange. At that time there was established the quarterly magazine, formerly Magazine of the Palm & Cycad Society of Australia, now PALMS & CYCADS, publishing articles of both non-technical and technical content, of interest to the palm and/or cycad enthusiast; and a Bookstore which offers substantial discounts on retail prices of palm and cycad books and publications, most of which are unobtainable elsewhere in Australia. Since 1984 there has also been established a Publication Fund which, since 1987, has published eight original works in book form.

At the regional level (the individual societies are known as branch groups), regular meetings, field trips and outings are organized and all branch groups produce a newsletter relevant to their particular area.

All executive and non-elected positions in the Societies and the Branch groups are maintained by voluntary enthusiasts.


Postal Address

Company Name Palm & Cycad Society Of Australia Inc
The Secretary ABN Number 19   652   904   072
P.O.Box 1134, Email
Milton, Qld 4064


Magazine of the Palm & Cycad Society of Australia Inc.

The magazine was first published in 1984, using a combination of original and reprinted articles. Gradually there has been a progression to the publication of only original articles and papers, mainly of a non-scientific content or interest to the enthusiast. With its high quality production, colour and emphasis on new information, PALMS & CYCADS has become an internationally recognized forum for palm and cycad literature. Many botanical gardens, botanical and horticultural libraries and institutions throughout the world subscribe to PALMS & CYCADS.

The Bookstore

The Bookstore is a mail-order service operated by PACSOA, again for members only. As a majority of the titles are not available elsewhere in Australia, it is an opportunity to obtain hard-to-get titles at reasonable prices. Bookstore also carries a full range of PACSOA publications and issues of the magazine.

The Publication Fund

The Publication Fund was established in 1986 and to date has published eight items including four major publications of original works:

  • Palms of Subequatorial Queensland by Robert Tucker
  • Palms of The South-West Pacific by John L. Dowe
  • Palms and Cycads Beyond the Tropics by Keith Boyer
  • Cycads of Central Africa by Peter Heibloem
  • Cycad 90

Funds are generated by donations from members and from the sale of the publications. Such funds are isolated in order to continually have available a pool of funds for future publications. Presently there are a number of projects being considered. Details, when available, will be published here and in PALMS & CYCADS.