Dypsis fibrosa

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Figure 1. D. fibrosa in habitat, Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar.



Vonitra fibrosa

Distribution & Habitat:

Widely distributed throughout north-west and east Madagascar.


A solitary or clustering palm up to 9m tall, 2-6 stems, which also branches, with usually only 1 or 2, rarely 3 branches. The branches normally stay parallel. The stems are covered with a fibrous sheathing (hence the name).


One of only 2 plant species on which Cymbidiella falcigera (a rare orchid) grows (the other being Raffia farinosa). The leaves are used for thatching huts.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position.

Figure 2. D. fibrosa
Figure 3. D. fibrosa trunks
Figure 4. D. fibrosa leaves
Figure 5. D. fibrosa inflorescences
Figure 6. D. fibrosa

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