Chambeyronia macrocarpa var hookerii

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Figure 1. C. hookerii



This plant is correctly known as C. macrocarpa hookerii form, but it is often sold as C. hookerii

Common Names:

hookerii form of C. macrocarpa


New Caledonian rainforest.


C. hookerii has a reliable red/bronze new leaf, turning to light green with purple petiole, rachis and lamina(veins) - and with the white/yellow crown.


In Queensland the white/yellow form is sold as C. hookerii which is not a true species, but it does appear to be a useful sub-classification name since the plants are of a uniform colouring.


This plant prefers a slightly shady position, in contrast to the ordinary C. macrocarpa, which is a full sun lover. It also likes lots of water, and doesn't mind slightly wet feet.

Figure 2. Close-up of the new leaf

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Palms for Brisbane (Figure 1).
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