Chamaedorea elegans

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Figure 1. C. elegans



Neanthe bella Collinia elegans

Common Names:

Parlour Palm


Mexico and Guatemala


Understory plant of the rainforests.


A very attractive, small, single stemmed palm, to about 2m tall, with light green wide, pinnate leaves. Its usually seen in clumps, since it looks more attractive this way, however this is just due to multiple seeds being sown together.


Probably the most commonly grown indoor palm in the world. Very resiliant to low light, air-conditioning, drying out, and over watering (tho not necessarily enjoying any of them :).


Shaded, sheltered, and moist. Very good indoor plant.

Figure 2. C. elegans male inflorescence.
Figure 3. C. elegans female inflorescence.

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