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Milton,  <br>
Milton,  <br>
Qld 4064 </td>
Qld 4064 </td>
<tr><td width=25%> &nbsp;
<tr><td width=25%><b>Facebook:</b> </td><td width=75%>Brisbane Palm and Cycad Society
Join <b>[http://www.pacsoa.org.au/store/membership/index.html here]</b>.
Join the Brisbane branch, go <b>[http://www.pacsoa.org.au/store/membership/index.html here]</b>.

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The Brisbane Palm & Cycad Society comprises members living all around metro Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales.

Meetings will be held at the Milton State School, Bayswater Street, Milton. There is plenty of free street parking.

Members and guests are welcome to attend. At our meetings we usually have a guest speaker give a presentation on some aspect of cultivation, conservation or palms and cycads in the wild. Among our topics last year we heard Dr. Paul Forster present the magnificent Cycads of the Cape York peninsula; Philip Arrowsmith gave a slide show of palms in the wild on Mauritius and Reunion; and learned some valuable tips on container and garden cultivation from veteran nurseryman Will Kraa.

This year we will be having a swap/sales table - where members can bring in their surplus plants and seeds to sell or exchange with other members on the night. The society will also be occasionally purchasing seed of especially rare species which will be given away at meetings.

Each meeting concludes with our popular $1 plant raffle where you can win rare palms and cycads especially purchased as well as plants donated by members. Meetings run for approximately 2 hours and are a great place to share information and socialize with others who are fascinated by palms and cycads.

Field Trips are organized for February, April, June, August, October and December. Outings could be a visit to a national park to view palms or cycads in habitat; a tour of some of Queensland's best private gardens; or a trip to specialist nurseries where palms, cycads and other tropical plants can be purchased. Our destinations are not confined to Brisbane, we travel to locations all over South East Queensland and northern NSW.

Once a year some of our members organise a major field trip over a long weekend to places further a field in North Queensland or the Northern Territory. These trips are growing in popularity.

Members receive a monthly email newsletter covering past and upcoming events. A year's membership is just $15. Join today (see here for subscription info).

We also have a Facebook page, Brisbane Palm And CycadSociety, where you can keep up to date with the other members.


President:Michael Green
Secretary/Treasurer:Carmen Forster
Editor: Daryl O'Connor


</td> </table> Join the Brisbane branch, go here.
Email: cocos2001au@yahoo.com.au
Postal: P. O. Box 1134,


Qld 4064