PACSOA - Jardin Botanique, Papeete. II
Jardin Botanique, Papeete. II

Figure 1. Mixed selection

The gardens were founded in 1919 by Harrison W. Smith, a 46 year old American physics teacher. It constitutes a 105 ha property in Papeari, in order to create a botanical garden of tropical species. He brought out 450 species.

Figure 2.

On January 3, 1947, Harrison W. Smith died. He was buried on the hill which overlooks the garden. Mr. J.M. Boubee inherited the garden. In 1952 the garden was sold to Cornelius Crane, an American patron. He died in 1962. The territory of French Polynesia inherited 18 ha of the oceanside garden.

Figure 3. Neoveitchia storckii

Figure 4. Neoveitchia storckii

From 1962 - 1974 the territory administrated the garden. In 1974 an agreement was passed between the Territory and the H. W. Smith Association, instructing this association with the garden's administration, on approval of an annual grant for the maintenance. An Agricultural Services executive took charge of the management.

Figure 5. Attalea sp. (?)

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Contributed by: Jason Young

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