Zamia wallisii

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Figure 1. Z. wallisii


Distribution & Habitat:

Rain and cloud forest, from between 300 and 1000m altitude. Only known from one location in the rainforest of the mountains of western Colombia.


A medium sized cycad, with a subteranean trunk, and a sparse crown of arching, 2-3m long leaves. Its leaflets are up to 60cm long, and 25cm wide, which are the biggest of any member of the Cycadales.


Zamia wallisii is a very fuzzy plant and it is very difficult to grow. Our plants in Colombia are showing male cones which are white. Very rare, and very much sought after by collectors.


Warm, sheltered, and moist.

Contributed by:

Michael Calonje (Figure 1)


Wallisii Waltzing in the Clouds

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