Zamia standleyi

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Figure 1. Z. standleyi young leaf (notice the whitish appearance).


Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to the Honduras where it is found from sea level to 200 m in dry woodlands thru to secondary forest and even on the edges of gardens and fields.


A small cycad with a subterranean stem, up to 12cm in diameter, 1-5 leaves, slightly to strongly recurved, oblong, 0.2-1 m long, a prickled petiole, and 10-15 pairs of glossy green, long-lanceolate leaflets. The new leaves can be red/brown or green and they can also be a white fluffy velvet look.


A much sought after plant by collectors.


An under-story plant, so it likes warmth, humidity and shade. Easily grown.

Figure 2. Z. standleyi
Figure 3. Z. standleyi beautiful new leaf.
Figure 4. Z. standleyi female cone.

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