Zamia skinneri

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Figure 1. Z. skinneri in habitat.


Conservation Status:


Distribution & Habitat:

Lowland rainforest of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.


A truly spectacular plant, the most immediately noticable thing about them is their unnaturely large leaflets, up to 50cm long, and 15cm wide, corrugated, and a lovely glossy green. The leaves can be up 2m long, on a trunk which can grow to 2m high.


A very much sought after plant by collectors for obvious reasons.


An understory rainforest plant, so it likes warmth, humidity and shade.

Figure 2. Z. skinneri in habitat, with new leaves.
Figure 3. Z. skinneri female cone.
Figure 4. Z. skinneri female cone.
Figure 5. Z. skinneri male cone.
Figure 6. Z. skinneri leaf detail.
Figure 7. Z. skinneri pale new leaves.
Figure 8. Z. skinneri leaf in habitat.
Figure 9. Z. skinneri by William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865) from Curtis's Botanical Magazine vol. 87, 1861.

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