Zamia portoricensis

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Figure 1. Z. portoricensis


Conservation Status:

It is becoming rare in habitat due to collection for the nursery trade, as well as lack of regeneration. The pollinator(s) seem to have disappeared (possibly due to aerial insecticide spraying), and so no seed is being set.

Distribution & Habitat:

Endemic to Western Puerto Rico where it grows on very dry limestone soils that often contain an element of serpentine.


A small cycad with a subteranean stem, 2-10 leaves up to 1.5m long. There can be up to 60 leaflets, up to 25cm long and 0.8cm wide. Most similar in appearance to Z. angustifolia.


Sunny, well drained position in a limestone based mix.

Figure 2. Z. portoricensis

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Colin Wilson (Figure 1&2)

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