Zamia neurophyllidia

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Figure 1. Z. neurophyllidia leaf detail. Note the leaf corrugations.


Distribution & Habitat:

Low-lying Panamanian rainforest.


Very attractive small cycad to about 0.5m tall, and leaves to about 1.0m long. The leaflets have a hard, almost plastic like feel, and are dark green, corrugated, and finely toothed.


Very similar to a small version of Zamia_skinneri.


Warm, sheltered, and moist. Doesn't like wet feet at all.

Figure 2. Z. neurophyllidia
Figure 3. Z. neurophyllidia female cones.
Figure 4. Z. neurophyllidia male cones.

Contributed by:

Clayton York, Utopia Palms & Cycads (Figure 1-7)


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