Zamia lecointei

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Figure 1. Z. lecointei leaflet detail.


Distribution & Habitat:

Grows mainly in open dry areas of very sandy, well drained soils at 100-300m in altitude in Amazonas and Bolivar, Venezuela, and in Brazil north of the Amazon River, thru to central Colombia and Brazil.


Small cycad with an unbranched, subterranean caudex to about 15cm long. Has 2-4 leaves between 1 and 2m long, usually erect or slightly curved. Leaflets are light green, lanceolate with entire edges or occasionally with 2-3 indistinct teeth near the tip of the lower edge. The petiole is sparsely prickled. Very similar in appearance to Z. muricata.


Very rare in cultivation.


Sunny, well drained position. Full sun or light shade.

Figure 2. Z. lecointei leaf.
Figure 3. Z. lecointei showing the prickled petiole.

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