Zamia integrifolia

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Figure 1. Z. integrifolia cone with ripe seed.


Common Names:


Distribution & Habitat:

Widely distributed throughout south-eastern USA (Georgia, and Florida), western Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Cayman Islands.


A small multi-branched plant with subterranenan stems. Leaves from 0.6 to 1.5m long, dark green.


A very hardy, and easily grown species for sub-tropical, and warm temperate areas. They prefer lightly shaded, well drained sandy soils.

Figure 2. Z. integrifolia
Figure 3. Z. integrifolia male cone.

Contributed by:

Will Kraa (Figure 1 - from Palms & Cycads No. 43, Apr-Jun 1994)
Fred Zone 10A (Figure 2&3)

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