Zamia dressleri

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Figure 1. Z. dressleri leaf detail.


Conservation Status:

Critically endangered.

Distribution & Habitat:

Only found in two localised populations in Panamanian rainforest.


A small cycad with a subterranean caudex up tp 5cm in diameter, 1 to 3 leaves that are up to 1.5m long. The large, dark green, deeply grooved leaflets are up to 50cm long by 15cm wide and there can be up to 10 per leaf. New leaves are bronze. Very closely related to Z. wallisii


Very attractive; very, very rare.


Requires warmth, humidity, shade, and free air movement.

Figure 2. Z. dressleri
Figure 3. Z. dressleri
Figure 4. Z. dressleri covered in lichen
Figure 5. Z. dressleri bronze new leaves.
Figure 6. Z. dressleri
Figure 7. Z. dressleri

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