Wallichia disticha

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Figure 1. A magnificent specimen of W. distichaat the Townsville Palmetum.



Low mountain valleys of Sikkim, and north India Himalayas.


An extremely unusual looking palm, in which the leaves form just two rows on either side of the trunk i.e. looking down on the palm, the leaves would all form a single straight line. It grows to about 7m tall, while the long, course leaflets are dark green above, and greyish white underneath.


As mentioned above, an extraordinary looking palm, tho rarely found outside palm collections. It is only short lived, getting to about 15 years old, then flowering for 4-5 years, before dying.


Although it comes from the Himalaya, it comes from the lower reaches which are still tropical, so it prefers that climate, however it will grow in sheltered sub-tropical areas.

Contributed by:

John L. Dowe (Figure 1 from Palms & Cycads No. 36, July-Sept 1992).

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