Verschaffeltia splendida

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Figure 1. V. splendida


Common Names:

Seychelles Stilt Palm,
Latanier Latte

Distribution & Habitat:

Slopes and gorges on the Seychelles Islands.


One of the most spectacular palms around, which has the big three that palm collectors look for; entire leaves, (at least in young plants), a spiny trunk, and to top it all off, well developed stilt roots. Its a medium sized palm, with leaves to about 2.5m long, and up to about 20m tall (altho it takes quite a while to get that size :)


Verschaffeltia is a monotypic genus, which means that this species is the only member.


Unfortunately rather tropical in its requirements, however it will grow in a sheltered position in the sub-tropics. Likes a position sheltered from the wind, (to keep the leaves intact), full sun or shade, and moist, but well drained. I've had a plant in Brisbane for several years growing in full sun, even temperatures in the low 40's (centigrade) having no effect on the leaves.

Figure 2. V. splendida - bottom part of the leaves.
Botanic Gardens, showing off the stilt roots.

[[" Utopia Palms & Cycads, Sunshine Coast.

Figure 4. Beautifull younger V. splendida,

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