Veitchia simulans

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Figure 1. V. simulans.


Conservation Status:

[[www.iucnredlist.orgdetails38719" Vulnerable.

Distribution & Habitat:

A Fijian endemic to Taveuni Island and strongly resembling Veitchia filifera. This is an understory palm of wet rainforest areas on Taveuni.


Growing up to 15 meters tall and 15 cm trunk diameter that is often curved and sharply bent. The crown may hold only 9 fronds of 2.5 meters in length. The crownshaft is usually very dark and has a mottled brown-black appearance. Fruits are much larger than V. filifera and about 19 by 25 mm and red when ripe.


This palm is not known in cultivation but would require tropical/warm sub-tropical conditions and plenty of water and filtered light.

Figure 2. V. simulans in habitat.
Figure 3. V. simulans inflorescence and crownshaft.
Figure 4. V. simulans infructescence.

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