Veitchia filifera

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Figure 1. V. filifera in habitat.


Distribution & Habitat:

A Fijian endemic that has variable characteristics depending on the location. This palm is widespread in Vanua Levu and also in smaller numbers on Taveuni. It is often found in areas of regenerating bush and near road-sides between 100 to 600 meters altitude.


Once described as three separate species this palm has varying features but can best be described as a medium size up to 15 meters tall and 20 cm in trunk diameter with a slightly belled base. It has a distinctive crownshaft with short brown hairs that extend up the petioles. It usually carries about 10 fronds up to 2.5 meters in length. Palms have a large inflorescence for their size and the oval fruits vary greatly in size from 10 to 20 mm in length and mature to a yellow-orange and sometimes light red.


It is also extremely attractive in cultivation showing a whitish trunk with brown banding and a dark mottled crownshaft. It will take full sun after its seedling stage.

Figure 2. V. filifera crown.

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