Trachycarpus oreophilus

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Figure 2. T. oreophilus


Common Name:

Thai Mountain Fan Palm

Distribution & Habitat:

A recently described (see "Principes" Vol. 41, No. 4) rare species with two distinct populations, one in northwest Thailand, the other in Manipur, northeast India. The northwest Thailand popuylation grows on exposed ridgetops and spectacular limestone cliffs at over 2000m a.s.l. and is regularly obscured by clouds and buffeted by wind. The Manipur poulation was formerly considered a separate species. It grows on steep mountain sides at 1200-1800 m (4000-6000 ft).


It has a bare trunk and an attractive small and compact crown of regularly split fan-shaped leaves.


Being quite unlike any other Trachycarpus, it will be an envied addition to the temperate or subtropical garden. Any plants larger than seedling size are as yet unknown in cultivation.

Figure 1. T. oreophilus
Figure 3. T. oreophilus
Figure 4. T. oreophilus
Figure 5. T. oreophilus
Figure 6. T. oreophilus
Figure 7. T. oreophilus
Figure 8. T. oreophilus

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