Trachycarpus fortunei (2)

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The joins between the leaflets (pinnae) form a beautiful logarithmic spiral.



This is now T. fortunei.

Distribution & Habitat:

This plant is unknown in the wild, all known plants are in cultivation.


A medium sized fan palm, very similar to the much better known T. fortunei, but this species has shorter, stiffer, more erect leaves that aren't as deeply divided.


Thought by some to just be a variant of T. fortunei, not a species in its own right. Said to be the most cold tolerant of the Trachycarpus.


Sunny, moist, but well drained position. Best suited to the sub-tropics and temperate regions. Very cold tolerant, and very slow growing.

Kew Gardens.Victorian Palm House,
Figure 2. The same plant, 5 years later.
Figure 3. T. fortunei inflorescence

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Neil King (Figures 1&2)
Ian Edwards (Figure 3)

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