The Cycads

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This is the new edition of The Cycads. It is in two volumes with a lot more pictures which are now integrated with the text rather than all bundled together in one section as the first edition had. Both volumes are 8½ × 11” (22 × 28 cm) format and are printed on high-quality 150 GSM, Lumi Silk Art paper, and both are high-quality hardcover bound with full-colour dust jackets. They have been discounted to A$250 per set (both volumes) with postage in Australia being about A$25 (depending on postcode).


Volume 1 is on cycads of Asia & Australia. It includes 460 pages and 473 photographs, covering the genera of Bowenia, Cycas, Lepidozamia, & Macrozamia.

Volume 2 is on cycads of Africa & The Americas. It includes 500 pages and 820 photographs, covering the genera of Ceratozamia, Dioon, Encephalartos, Stangeria, & Zamia.

Due to the limited number of sets, these volumes are sold only as a set, and are not available for sale as individual volumes.
We have 26 sets here in Australia in the PACSOA book store. Once these are gone it will be much more expensive to get them across from the US.