Saribus rotundifolius

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Figure 1.




Common Names:

Footstool Palm,


Tropical rainforests of Malaysia, and Indonesia.


A very attractive Livistona, especially when young, due to its large, round, shiny, shallowly divided leaves. As it gets older however, the leaves become more divided, and thus not quite so pretty.


Quiet a common landscaping palm in the South-east Asia.


Unfortunately rather tropical in its requirements, tho it will grow in warm sub-tropical areas. Requires a shady sheltered position in the sub-tropics, but is quite happy in full sun when the humidity is very high (see Figures3&4).

Figure 2. L. rotundifolius at MtCootha Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.
Figure 3. In front of the Kuching Musuem, Borneo.
Figure 4. L. rotundifolius

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University of Florida-IFAS (Figure 1)
Mike Gray (Figure 2,3&4).

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