Salacca flabellata

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Figure 1. S. flabellata in cultivation, showing the characteristic silvery grey leaf underside.


Distribution & Habitat:

Peninsular Malaysia rainforest.


A small understory acaulecsant palm with entire, deeply bifid leaves that stand upright. The leaves are up to 1.3 metres tall, of which about half is petiole. The upper leaf surface is glossy green, while the underside is silvery grey, and the new growth is a very attractive greyish pink. Similar in appearance to S. sarawakensis.


They have only ever found male plants of this species, and the inflorescences are produced at ground level. These often lean over and form roots where they touch the ground, thus starting new plants.


Warm, sheltered and moist.

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'Utopia Palms & Cycads (Figure 1)

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