Sabal palmetto in habitat

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Figure 1. S. palmettowith a nice circular crown.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

Figure 2. S. palmettoOcala National Forest, Florida.
Figure 3. S. palmetto
Figure 4. S. palmetto

These two photos document what seems to be a very unusual abnormality amongst a small population of Sabal palmetto in one section of the Ocala National Forest. The petiole bases are arranged in vertical ranks on about a dozen trees in this one small area, perhaps a half of an acre. Does anyone know if this is a common feature or not of the species ? growing into a live oak(Quercus virginiana) canopy in Ocala National Forest, along a hiking trail near the St. John's River.

Figure 5. S. palmetto

overlooking the water, Ocala National Forest.

Figure 6. S. palmetto

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