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Figure 2. A very old plant of S. minorCity Botanic Gardens, Brisbane.



Corypha minor

Sabal adansonii

Sabal deeringiana

Sabal glabra

Sabal louisiana

Common Names:

Dwarf palmetto
Bush palmetto


Low lying areas of south-eastern United States.


A low growing costapalmate leaved palm which usually has a subteranean trunk, but can sometimes grow to about 2m tall (see Figure 1).


Full sun, and lots of water. Can withstand several degrees of frost.

(labelled as S. adansonii) in the

Figure 1. S. minorin habitat, near Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
Figure 3. S. minor
Buxton Woods, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.Figure 4. S. minor, very near the northern limit of the range for any palm in North America,
Note how it rises above the leaves, unlike S. etonia.

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